Transcending the Invisible

Sasha Rakovich

Sasha is a senior lecturer and a Royal Society University Research Fellow in the physics department of King’s where she leads the Nano Bio Photonics Group. She is the project lead for Transcending the Invisible, she has a long history of participating in public engagement.

Sasha’s expertise in physics and nanobiophotonics, combined with her passion for public engagement, creates an ideal environment for cross-disciplinary collaboration. When artists and researchers collaborate, they not only enrich each other’s work but also broaden the scope of their projects. Artists can draw inspiration from the cutting-edge research conducted by scientists, while scientists can gain fresh perspectives and insights into their work through the lens of artistic expression.

Her current research interests encompass a range of topics under the general umbrella of nanobiophotonics, including the use of nanomaterials for bio-applications, biomimmetic nanophotonics and nano-enhanced biophotonic materials. Further interests include light-matter interactions, sensing and material manipulation on nanoscales.

Sasha’s King’s College London Webpage